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SuperBowlitis: (also known as SuperBowl-itis)

Overview & Facts:
The biggest national sick day hits the Monday after the game. Symptoms usually last about 24 hours after any given Super Bowl or major sports event. Sometimes referred to as the New National Holiday (Super Bowl Monday) where employees everywhere have been known to call their employers and call in sick. Common excuse: “I can’t come in today my kids are sick and there is no one else that can care for them, so I must stay home.” Super Bowl flu is quite contagious and quite common.

Causes & Prevention:
Alcohol and excessive eating during a Super Bowl or major sporting event. Also excessive yelling and screaming at the event or at a Hi-def flat screens and/or grainy cathode ray tube. Also known causes, high caloric intakes and friendly camaraderie commonly including but not limited to beer consumption.

Symptoms & Types:
Feeling hung-over or sudden dizziness, craving food or additional alcohol.

Diagnosis & Tests:
There is no known diagnosis or test however frequently major cases of superbowl-itis are usually felt by those that bet on the loosing team.

Treatment & Care:
Sometimes a post game recovery period is required, usually lasts 24 hours other times a two day recovery period may be required to fully recover. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Bloody Mary’s have been known to help, sometimes a few additional beers can delay long term pain and suffering. Rest and relaxation is the best known cure of the Superbowl-itis bug however exercise the day after the game has also been known to help.

Support & Resources:
MSNBC recently reported that roughly 17% of the American workforce will miss work Monday. In addition, those that have the fortitude to make it in will provide less than ½ their normal productivity, costing the economy millions.

“We think there’s going to be a widespread impact across the country of Super Bowl-itis.” says NationalShowTickets.com, a national ticket broker or sporting events and concerts nationwide.

Recently read in the Washington Post: Super Bowl Sunday is the one Sunday night when we can enjoy conflict, violence and uncertainty from the comfort of our living rooms without engaging the National Guard or the United Nations.

A survey by the company Kronos estimated six million Americans may call in sick or roll in late due to Super Bowl-itis.

A University of Toronto study found car crashes rose almost 50 percent in the four hours after the game, compared to other Sundays. The biggest increase comes in the area of the losing team’s city.

Recent quote from azcentral.com:
SuperBowl-itis: (n) an inflammation of short duration, presenting symptoms of either a fat wallet, or conversely an empty wallet; The former seemingly associated by presentation with those affiliated by business relationships, both direct and ancillary, and the latter by those instead in “observance” as “participants” at “arms length” with the enterprise.